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Sunday Worship on January 21, 2024

The Holy Eucharist

3rd Sunday after The Epiphany (Year B)

January 21, 2024 at 9:30 AM

Presider & Preacher: The Rev. Guillermo A. Arboleda, Rector

Deacon: The Rev. Ella Roundtree-Davis, Deacon

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The Holy Eucharist: Enriching Our Worship

Note: In Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Seasons, St. Matthew's will use prayers from Enriching Our Worship 1 (1997). Enriching Our Worship is a series of supplemental worship resources for The Episcopal Church. One of its objectives is to honor the experience of women by providing gender-neutral language for God in its prayers, expanding the Church's vocabulary of prayer from other parts of Scripture and Christian Tradition. There are changes, small and great, throughout the service, so pay attention and ask questions during our Christian Education Hour.

Hymn #408: Sing Praise to God who reigns above

1 Sing praise to God who reigns above,

the God of all creation,

the God of power, the God of love,

the God of our salvation;

with healing balm my soul he fills,

and every faithless murmur stills:

to God all praise and glory.

2 What God's almighty power hath made,

his gracious mercy keepeth;

by morning glow or evening shade

his watchful eye ne'er sleepeth.

Within the kingdom of his might,

lo! all is just and all is right:

to God all praise and glory.

3 Let all who name Christ's holy Name

give God all praise and glory;

let all who know his power proclaim

aloud the wondrous story!

Cast each false idol from its throne,

the Lord is God, and he alone:

to God all praise and glory.

[Words: Johann Jacob Schutz; tr. Frances Elizabeth Cox, alt. Music: Mit Freuden zart, melody from "Une pastourelle gentile", 1529; adapt. Pseaumes cinquante de david, 1547, and Kirchengeseng darinnen die Heubtartickel des Christlichen Glaubens gefasset, 1566. Reprinted with permission from ONE LICENSE #107286.]

The Opening Acclamation 

[EOW1, p. 50]

Blessed be the one, holy, and living God.

Glory to God forever and ever. Amen.


The Collect for Purity

[BCP, p. 355] 

Almighty God, to you all hearts are open, all desires known, and from you no secrets are hid: Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love you, and worthily magnify your holy Name; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

LEV #243: Glory to God (Glory, Glory Hallelujah)


Glory, Glory, hallelujah,

Lord we praise Holy name,

Glory, Glory hallelujah,

Lord we praise your Holy name.

1. Glory to God in the highest

and peace to his people on earth.

2. Lord God, heavenly King,

almighty God and Father,

we worship you, we give you thanks,

we praise you for your glory.

3. Lord Jesus Christ, only son of the Father,

Lord God, Lamb of God [Refrain]

4. You take away the sin of the world:

have mercy on us.

5. You are seated at the right hand of the Father;

receive our prayer.

6. For you alone are the Holy One,

you alone are the Lord.

7. You alone are the Most High,

Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit,

in the glory of God the Father. [Refrain]

[Music: Carl Haywood, from Mass for Grace, Copyright © 1992. Reprinted with permission by ONE LICENSE #246974.]

The Collect of the Day

[BCP, p. 357, 234]

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.

Let us pray:

Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

A Reading from the Book of Jonah (3:1-5, 10)

The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time, saying, “Get up, go to Nineveh, that great city, and proclaim to it the message that I tell you.” So Jonah set out and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceedingly large city, a three days' walk across. Jonah began to go into the city, going a day's walk. And he cried out, “Forty days more, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” And the people of Nineveh believed God; they proclaimed a fast, and everyone, great and small, put on sackcloth. When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil ways, God changed his mind about the calamity that he had said he would bring upon them; and he did not do it.

Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s people.

Thanks be to God.

Psalm 62:6-14

Read responsively by half-verse (at the asterisk).

6 For God alone my soul in silence waits; *

truly, my hope is in him.

7 He alone is my rock and my salvation, *

my stronghold, so that I shall not be shaken.

8 In God is my safety and my honor; *

God is my strong rock and my refuge.

9 Put your trust in him always, O people, *

pour out your hearts before him,

for God is our refuge.

10 Those of high degree are but a fleeting breath, *

even those of low estate cannot be trusted.

11 On the scales they are lighter than a breath, *

all of them together.

12 Put no trust in extortion;

in robbery take no empty pride; *

though wealth increase, set not your heart upon it.

13 God has spoken once, twice have I heard it, *

that power belongs to God.

14 Steadfast love is yours, O Lord, *

for you repay everyone according to his deeds.

A Reading from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians (7:29-31)

I mean, brothers and sisters, the appointed time has grown short; from now on, let even those who have wives be as though they had none, and those who mourn as though they were not mourning, and those who rejoice as though they were not rejoicing, and those who buy as though they had no possessions, and those who deal with the world as though they had no dealings with it. For the present form of this world is passing away.

Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s people.

Thanks be to God.

Hymn #652: Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (verses 1-4)

1 Dear Lord and Father of mankind,

forgive our foolish ways!

Reclothe us in our rightful mind,

in purer lives thy service find,

in deeper reverence, praise.

2 In simple trust like theirs who heard,

beside the Syrian sea,

the gracious calling of the Lord,

let us, like them, without a word,

rise up and follow thee.

3 O Sabbath rest by Galilee!

O calm of hills above,

where Jesus knelt to share with thee

the silence of eternity

interpreted by love!

4 Drop thy still dews of quietness,

till all our strivings cease;

take from our souls the strain and stress,

and let our ordered lives confess

the beauty of thy peace.

[Words: John Greenleaf Whittier, alt. Music: Repton, Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, alt. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #230615.]

The People stand, as they are able, for the reading of the Gospel.

The Holy Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ According to St. Mark (1:14-20)

Glory to you, Lord Christ.

After John was arrested, Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.” As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea—for they were fishermen. And Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.” And immediately they left their nets and followed him. As he went a little farther, he saw James son of Zebedee and his brother John, who were in their boat mending the nets. Immediately he called them; and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men, and followed him.

The Gospel of the Lord.

Praise to you, Lord Christ.

Hymn #652: Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (verse 5)

5 Breathe through the heats of our desire

thy coolness and thy balm;

let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;

speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire,

O still, small voice of calm.

[Words: John Greenleaf Whittier, alt. Music: Repton, Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, alt. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #230615.]

The Sermon

"Saying Yes to God and No to Something Else" by the Rev. Guillermo A. Arboleda, Rector

What does it mean to answer God’s call? We only have so much time and energy in our lives, so everytime we say “yes” to something, we must also say “no” to something else. What does saying “yes” to God’s call require us to give up?

We often imagine God’s call on our lives very dramatically. Jesus walks up to these fishers along the lakeshore and says, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people!” The call is clear and unmistakable. Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John had to give up their jobs and their livelihoods. They had to literally get up, leave their nets, and follow Jesus. 

But sometimes God’s call is more subtle, and what is required is less obvious. God called Jonah to bring good news to the people of Nineveh. He had to proclaim God’s justice and judgment as well as an offering of God’s mercy and love. In order to share this opportunity to change with the Assyrian people of Nineveh, Jonah had to give up his hatred and contempt for them. Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire who had conquered and destroyed much of Israel. They had waged brutal, destructive wars throughout the ancient Near East. They had decimated populations, they enslaved and tortured their POWs, and they forcibly removed people from their homelands. The biblical descriptions of the Assyrians’ war crimes are so graphic in some places that I won’t repeat them from this pulpit. The Assyrian Empire created widows, orphans, and exiles in their army’s wake. From Jonah’s perspective, the people of Nineveh were simply evil. 

So when God calls Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach to the Assyrians, he resists. He runs the other way. He famously got on a boat, got thrown overboard, and was swallowed by a giant fish. The fish took him back east toward Assyria so he could complete his godly mission. God forced Jonah’s hand to be in the place he needed to be to obey the call. But Jonah still didn’t want to do it. He got to Nineveh and looked at the city with contempt. The city was enormous and wealthy because they had stolen resources from the peoples they conquered.  

Jonah had real historical reasons to feel resentful and angry against Assyrians. He legitimately hated them for their wicked deeds of oppression. But God chose to be merciful instead. God used Jonah as a mouthpiece for that invitation to change. God gave them another chance. God forgave. God accepted their repentance. And Jonah stayed mad. He pouted. He yelled at God. He resented God for being kind and merciful to people Jonah hated and thought were unworthy. In order to say yes to God, Jonah had to say no to his hate. His soul needed to be transformed. He needed to allow the Holy Spirit soften his hardened, hurting heart. 

Aren’t we like that sometimes too? Do you ever get mad when good things happen to bad people? Do you ever feel angry about injustice in your life or in the news? I know I do. I get mad about poverty, homelessness, gun violence, police brutality, mass incarceration, immigrant detention and deportation, sex trafficking, drone strikes, acts of terrorism, foreign invasions and wars, and more. There is a lot of injustice in the world. There is a lot of blame to go around. It is easy to become so righteously angry that our hearts turn to stone. We can be so consumed in defending the weak and those we love that we forget that God’s love and mercy are at the center of the universe. 

Jesus teaches us to be merciful as God is merciful and to love our enemies because God sends blessings like rain on the unjust and just alike (Luke 6:32-36; Matthew 5:43-45). Whether we like it or not, God calls us to love bad people and oppressors. That means that God calls us to love murderers, racists, exploitative billionaires, sex traffickers, terrorists, and warmongers. 

God calls us to love all people. In the Collect for today, we prayed, “Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation” (emphasis added). In order to deliver that good news, we need to hear it and internalize it ourselves. We need to remember that it’s not just for us, the frozen chosen. Regardless of my anger and resentment, all really does mean all

So what do I need to say no to in order to say yes to God’s call? For me at least, I need to say no to that resentment and contempt toward people I think are oppressors. I need to let go of that judgmentalism. I need to let go of my finger pointing that doesn’t allow me to see the oppressive thoughts and behaviors in my own life. I need to repent of the evil that enslaves me, the evil I have done, and the evil done on my behalf. In order to say yes to God, I need to say no to those things. What about you? Whether we are listening or not, God is speaking. God is calling us to something greater. What do you need to say no to in order to say yes to God?

Let us pray…

Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Nicene Creed

[EOW1, p. 53]

All standing as they are able, the People pray:

We believe in one God,

the Father, the Almighty,

maker of heaven and earth,

of all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,

the only Son of God,

eternally begotten of the Father,

God from God, Light from Light,

true God from true God,

begotten, not made,

of one Being with the Father;

through him all things were made.

For us and for our salvation

he came down from heaven,

was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary

and became truly human.

For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate;

he suffered death and was buried.

On the third day he rose again

in accordance with the Scriptures;

he ascended into heaven

and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead,

and his kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,

who proceeds from the Father,

who with the Father and the Son is worshiped and glorified,

who has spoken through the prophets.

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.

We look for the resurrection of the dead,

and the life of the world to come. Amen.

The Prayers of the People

Let us pray to God, who is made manifest in Jesus Christ.


As the prophet Isaiah rang out, “Arise, shine; for your light has come”; empower your Church, O God, to ring out the Good News of the Light of your son Jesus, which pierces even the deepest darkness. Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


As a star rose high into the sky to draw the nations to the Christ-child; send your blessing, O God, on this nation, and every nation, and draw the whole world to your peace and truth. Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


As John the Baptist guided crowds of people to the edge of the wilderness and baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, we pray that you would guide our country and our leaders to the ways of justice and righteousness. Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Like the Magi who traveled from afar to bring gifts and celebrate the Savior’s birth; we pray for this community, and for those who celebrate birthdays, especially Jackie Newton (1/21), Sheila Jones (1/25), Anthony Blue Jr. (1/26); and for those who celebrate anniversaries,

Hear our prayer.


As Jesus climbed the mountaintop, and proclaimed blessings on the people of the world; we pray for the sick and the distressed, the poor and the lame. We especially pray for the people of our Parish Prayer List: Anthony Blue Sr.,Jacqueline Bryant, Lazola Cope, Beryl Dandy, Eulalee Dandy, Deacon Ella Roundtree-Davis, Aaron Sr., Natalie, and Olivia Duplechien, Charles Gordon, Marva Harris, David Jones, Beverly Kemp, Whitney Kennedy, Sada Maxwell, Charles McMillan, Russell Nails, Jeannette Outing, Laurence Waring, and Jewel Wheeler; Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


As Jesus called his disciples to leave their nets and boats, and follow him; we pray for the departed whom we love and have answered your call to follow Jesus to your Heavenly Kingdom. Give them your peace. We especially pray for Donald Ray Baynes and anyone else we remember now... Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


The Presider concludes with this or another suitable Collect...

Lord Jesus, Light of the World, hear our prayers, and make us reflections of your Light, that the places of darkness in our world would be pierced by your Light, and that all nations would be drawn to you and be overwhelmed with joy. Amen.

The Confession of Sin

The Deacon (or Celebrant) says

Let us confess our sins to God.

Silence may be kept. All pray together, kneeling, as they are able,

God of all mercy, we confess that we have sinned against you, opposing your will in our lives. We have denied your goodness in each other, in ourselves, and in the world you have created. We repent of the evil that enslaves us, the evil we have done, and the evil done on our behalf. Forgive, restore, and strengthen us through our Savior Jesus Christ,that we may abide in your love and serve only your will. Amen.

The Bishop, when present, or the Priest, stands and says:

Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you all your sins through the grace of Jesus Christ, strengthen you in all goodness, and by the power of the Holy Spirit keep you in eternal life. Amen.

The Peace

[EOW1, p. 56]

The peace of the Christ be always with you.

And also with you.

Parish Announcements

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, January 28, 2024: St. Matthew's Annual Parish Meeting at 11:30 AM

  • Tuesday, February 13, 2024: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2024: Ash Wednesday

Vestry Nominations Now Open: St. Matthew’s will elect two members to join the Vestry for three-year terms (2024-2027) at the Annual Meeting on January 28. They will replace Joenelle Gordon and Sheila Jones, whose terms will end at that meeting. Learn more about serving on the Vestry here. Nomination forms are available in the parish hall or nominations may be sent to Fr. Arboleda at All nominations are due by January 21.

Annual Meeting on Jan. 28 - Reports Due Jan. 21: The 2024 Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28 at 11:30 AM (after Sunday morning worship). All Annual Reports are due by Sunday, January 21, for inclusion in the published report booklet. Fr. Arboleda or someone else on the staff will contact all committee and ministry leaders about reports and to connect them to people who asked to join their committee or ministry in their pledges. This will also be St. Matthew's T-Shirt/Polo Shirt Day so wear your new gear with pride! (See below)

Newcomer & Episcopal Refresher Class POSTPONED TO FEB. 4: Fr. Arboleda will lead a class for newcomers and those who want a "refresher" on Episcopal Church basics. These will meet every other Sunday for four total meetings: February 4, February 18, March 3, and March 17. If you are interested in becoming a member and/or getting baptized, confirmed, or received soon, this class is required. See Fr. Arboleda with any scheduling concerns.

Funeral for Donald Baynes on Jan. 27 at 11 AM: St. Matthew's mourns the loss of Donald Ray Baynes, who passed away on January 13, 2024. We will hold a funeral service for him on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at 11:00 AM, with an interment to follow at Woodville Memorial Cemetery. For an obituary and other information, see

May Donald's soul and the souls of all the departed, by the mercies of God, rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon them. Amen.

Grow and Glow in Grace Gear!: St. Matthew's is producing branded clothes and other merchandise with our new Grow and Glow in Grace mission logo! Order T-shirts for $25, embroidered Polo shirts for $40, Mugs for $15, Pens for $2 each, and more! All proceeds will go to the Building Capital Campaign (for remodeling the kitchen, preserving the stained glass windows, replacing the roof, and more)! Order forms are available in church now.

Chalk for House Blessings Available until Feb. 14: Blessed chalk for Epiphany House Blessings is available to pick up at the church until the beginning of Lent, which is Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2024. Traditionally, the chalking is done on or above all doors and takes this form: 20+C+M+B+24 - The letters are the abbreviation for the Latin phrase "Christus mansionem benedicat" - "Christ bless this house" (A second meaning and mnemonic device is Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar traditional names for the Magi). The + signs represent the cross, and 20-24 is the year.

T/W/Th Evening Prayer on Zoom/Facebook: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, St. Matthew's invites you to pray Evening Prayer with us over Zoom at 5:00 PM. If you want to be in the Zoom call, please join by 4:55 PM using the link in the e-Newsletter.

The Offertory

[BCP, p. 376]

Giving to St. Matthew's:

  1. Mail us a check or money order at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 1401 Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd, Savannah, GA 31415; OR

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Nations shall come to your light, O Lord, and kings to the brightness of your rising. [Isaiah 60:3, alt..]

Hymn #539: O Zion haste , thy mission high fulfilling

1 O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling,

to tell to all the world that God is Light;

that he who made all nations is not willing

one soul should fail to know his love and might.


Publish glad tidings: tidings of peace,

tidings of Jesus, redemption and release.

2 Proclaim to every people, tongue, and nation

that God, in whom they live and move, is Love;

tell how he stooped to save his lost creation,

and died on earth that all might live above. [Refrain]

3 Send heralds forth to bear the message glorious;

give of thy wealth to speed them on their way;

pour out thy soul for them in prayer victorious

till God shall bring his kingdom's joyful day. [Refrain]

4 He comes again! O Zion, ere thou meet him,

make known to every heart his saving grace;

let none whom he hath ransomed fail to greet him,

through thy neglect, unfit to see his face. [Refrain]

[Words: Marry Ann Thomson, alt. Music: Tidings, James Walch.]

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;

Circling through earth so all may grow

Vanquishing fear so all may give

Widening grace so all may live


[Words: Eric H. F. Law, Copyright © 2015 Eric H. F. Law. Music: Old 100th, attributed to Louis Bourgeois, Public Domain. Reprinted with permission from Kaleidoscope Institute. All rights reserved.]

Eucharistic Prayer 1

[EOW1, p. 57]

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.

Lift up your hearts.

We lift them to the Lord.

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

It is right to give our thanks and praise.

It is truly right, and good and joyful, to give you thanks, all-holy God, source of life and fountain of mercy ... [The Presider inserts a proper preface] ... Therefore, joining with Angels and Archangels and with the faithful of every generation, we lift our voices with all creation as we sing:

Hymn S-130:

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might

Heaven and earth are full, full of your glory

Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna in the highest!

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, of the Lord!

Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna in the highest!

[Music: Franz Peter Schubert from Deutsche Messe; arr. Richard Proulx, Copyright © 1985, 1989 G.I.A. Publications, Inc. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #00210. All rights reserved.]

The people stand or kneel.

Blessed are you, gracious God, creator of the universe and giver of life. You formed us in your own image and called us to dwell in your infinite love. You gave the world into our care that we might be your faithful stewards and show forth your bountiful grace.

But we failed to honor your image in one another and in ourselves; we would not see your goodness in the world around us; and so we violated your creation, abused one another, and rejected your love. Yet you never ceased to care for us, and prepared the way of salvation for all people.

Through Abraham and Sarah, you called us into covenant with you. You delivered us from slavery, sustained us in the wilderness, and raised up prophets to renew your promise of salvation. Then, in the fullness of time, you sent your eternal Word, made mortal flesh in Jesus. Born into the human family, and dwelling among us, he revealed your glory. Giving himself freely to death on the cross, he triumphed over evil, opening the way of freedom and life.

On the night before he died for us, Our Savior Jesus Christ took bread, and when he had given thanks to you, he broke it, and gave it to his friends, and said: “Take, eat: This is my Body which is given for you. Do this for the remembrance of me.”

As supper was ending, Jesus took the cup of wine, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, and said: “Drink this, all of you: This is my Blood of the new Covenant, which is poured out for you and for all for the forgiveness of sins. Whenever you drink it, do this for the remembrance of me.”

Therefore, we proclaim the mystery of faith:

LEV #258:

Christ has died.

Christ is risen.

Christ will come again.

[Music: Hezekiah Brinson, Jr., Copyright © 1990 Hezekiah Brinson, Jr. All Rights Reserved.]

Remembering his death and resurrection, we now present to you from your creation this bread and this wine. By your Holy Spirit, may they be for us the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Grant that we who share these gifts may be filled with the Holy Spirit and live as Christ’s Body in the world. Bring us into the everlasting heritage of your daughters and sons, that with Blessed Mary the Mother of God, Blessed Matthew our Patron, and all your saints, past, present, and yet to come, we may praise your Name for ever.

Through Christ and with Christ and in Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, to you be honor, glory, and praise, for ever and ever. AMEN.

LEV #264: The Lord’s Prayer

[Compare BCP, p. 364]

And now, as our Savior Christ has taught us, we are bold to sing,

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name,

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

[Music: Albert Hay Malotte; arr. Fred Bock, Copyright © 1934 (renewed) G. Schirmer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.]

The Breaking of the Bread

Silence may be kept.

The Fraction Anthems

[EOW1, p. 69]

We break this bread to share in the Body of Christ.

We who are many are one body, for we all share in the one bread.

Hymn S-164:

Jesus, Lamb of God: have mercy on us

Jesus, Bearer of our Sins: have mercy on us

Jesus, Redeemer, Redeemer of the World:

Give us your peace, give us your peace!

[Words: Traditional. Music: Franz Peter Schubert from Deutsche Messe; arr. Richard Proulx, Copyright © 1985, 1989 G.I.A. Publications, Inc. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #00614. All rights reserved.]

Look! Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The Gifts of God for the people of God.

The Distribution of Holy Communion

All baptized Christians of any denomination are invited to come forward to participate fully in Communion. Baptized children may receive at the discretion of their parents.

You may receive Communion kneeling or standing. Please extend your hands forward to receive the Body of Christ (bread). If you would like to receive the Blood of Christ (wine), the minister will take the bread from your hand and dip (intinct) it in the wine for you, then place it in your mouth. If you would only like to receive the bread, you may consume it and return to your seat.

If you need gluten-free bread for Communion, please raise your hand when you are at the altar rail.

If you would not like to receive Communion for any reason, please cross your arms over your chest, and the Priest will say a blessing over you.

If you are worshipping online, you may pray to receive spiritual communion using the following prayer:

In union, O Lord, with your faithful people at every altar of your Church, where the Holy Eucharist is now being celebrated, I desire to offer to you praise and thanksgiving. I remember your death, Lord Christ; I proclaim your resurrection; I await your coming in glory. Since I cannot receive you today in the Sacrament of your Body and Blood, I beseech you to come spiritually into my heart. Cleanse and strengthen me with your grace, Lord Jesus, and let me never be separated from you. May I live in you, and you in me, in this life and in the life to come. Amen.

Hymn #530: My God, thy table now is spread

1 My God, thy table now is spread,

thy cup with love doth overflow;

be all thy children thither led,

and let them thy sweet mercies know.

2 O let thy table honored be,

and furnished well with joyful guests:

and may each soul salvation see,

that here its sacred pledges tastes.

3 Drawn by thy quickening grace, O Lord,

in countless numbers let them come

and gather from their Father's board

the Bread that lives beyond the tomb.

4 Nor let thy spreading Gospel rest

till through the world thy truth has run,

till with this Bread shall all be blessed

who see the light or feel the sun.

[Words: Jonathan Friedrich Bahnmaier; tr. Arthur William Farlander and Charles Winfred Douglas, alt. St. 4 f. Bland Tucker. Music: Gott sei Dank, melody from Geistreiches Gesangbuch, 1704; adapt. and harm. William Henry Havergal.]

Hymn #660: O Master let me walk with Thee

1 O Master, let me walk with thee

in lowly paths of service free;

tell me thy secret; help me bear

the strain of toil, the fret of care.

2 Help me the slow of heart to move

by some clear, winning word of love;

teach me the wayward feet to stay,

and guide them in the homeward way.

3 Teach me thy patience; still with thee

in closer, dearer company,

in work that keeps faith sweet and strong,

in trust that triumphs over wrong,

4 In hope that sends a shining ray

far down the future's broadening way,

in peace that only thou canst give,

with thee, O Master, let me live.

[Words: Washington Gladden. Music: Maryton, Henry Percy Smith. By Permission of Oxford University Press. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #97763]

The Post-Communion Prayer

[EOW1, p. 69; Enriching our Worship 2 (2000), pp. 56-57]

Let us pray.

For In-Person Worshippers:

God of abundance, you have fed us with the bread of life and cup of salvation; you have united us with Christ and one another; and you have made us one with all your people in heaven and on earth. Now send us forth in the power of your Spirit, that we may proclaim your redeeming love to the world and continue forever in the risen life of Christ our Savior. Amen.

For Online Worshippers and Those Receiving Spiritual Communion:

Faithful God, in the wonder of your wisdom and love you fed your people in the wilderness with the bread of angels, and you sent Jesus to be the bread of life. Though we cannot consume now these gifts of bread and wine, we thank you that we have received the sacrament of Christ’s presence, the forgiveness of sins, and all other benefits of Christ’s passion. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may we embody your desire and be renewed for your service through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

The Blessing of the People

[BOS22, p. 11]

LEV #136: I have decided to follow Jesus

1 I have decided to follow Jesus,

I have decided to follow Jesus,

I have decided to follow Jesus,

No turning back, no turning back!

2 Though no one join me, still I will follow,

Though no one join me, still I will follow,

Though no one join me, still I will follow,

No turning back, no turning back!

3 The world behind me, the cross before me,

The world behind me, the cross before me,

The world behind me, the cross before me,

No turning back, no turning back!

[Words: Ascribed to an Indian Prince; as sung in Garo, Assam. Music: Indian Folk Melody; arr. Norman Johnson. Arr. Copyright © 1963 Singspiration Music/ASCAP. All Rights reserved. Used by permission of Benson Music Group, Inc. Reprinted with Permission under ONE LICENSE #97933.]

The Dismissal

[BCP, p. 366]

Let us go forth in the name of Christ!

Thanks be to God!

The Parish Prayer List

PRAYER LIST: Anthony Blue Sr., Jacqueline Bryant, Lazola Cope, Beryl Dandy, Ella Roundtree-Davis, Enrique Davis, Eulalee Dandy, Aaron Sr., Natalie, and Olivia Duplechien, Charles Gordon, Marva Harris, David Jones, Beverly Kemp, Whitney Kennedy, Sada Maxwell, Charles McMillan, Russell Nails, Jeannette Outing, Laurence Waring, and Jewel Wheeler

BIRTHDAYS: Jackie Newton (1/21), Sheila Jones (1/25), Anthony Blue (1/26)


RECENT DEATHS: Donald Ray Baynes (1/13/2024)

May the souls of all the departed rest in peace; and may light perpetual shine upon them. Amen.

Permissions and Credits: This service is reproduced from Enriching Our Worship 1 (EOW1), The Book of Common Prayer 1979 (BCP), The Hymnal 1982 (Hymn), Lift Every Voice and Sing II: An African American Hymnal (LEV), and other sources cited. Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture readings are from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible.

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