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Strategic Planning 2023 Overview

KI Strategic Planning Overview

Sunday, November 13, 2022

What is Strategic Planning and why are we doing it at St. Matthew’s?

  1. What is Strategic Planning?

    1. A Strategic Plan is a forecasting tool based on a well-defined organizational mission. The plan guides the church and its leaders in defining, evaluating and deciding upon the needs of the parish and those it serves. It reflects where the organization intends to go, the vision, and establishes methods to determine whether it reached that vision, the assessment. An effective Strategic Plan should have collective buy-in. The plan includes specific goals and realistic objectives.

    2. In churches, a Strategic Planning Process is used to:

      1. Set the parish’s direction

      2. Communicate priorities

      3. Provide transparency from leadership

      4. Organize activities

      5. Provide a basis for periodic review and adjustments

  2. Definitions

    1. Mission: A church’s fundamental reason for existence; answers the question, What is God calling us to do?

    2. Vision: A church’s specific, desired end results after a specified period of time; answers the question, What would we like for the church and the community around us to become?

    3. Values: Profound beliefs and guidelines to behavior; answers the question, What do we believe, and how is God calling us to live?

    4. Goals: Major areas of focus for the next 3-5 years, consistent with the mission, vision, and values; answers the question, How specifically do we make our vision a reality?

    5. Objectives: shorter-term initiatives to achieve our longer-term goals; answers the question, What steps must we take to achieve our goals?

    6. Strategic Planning Team: A group of 4-6 parishioners who will gather and evaluate data, study the Holy Currencies models with our consultant, communicate regularly with the rest of the parish, organize our 3 parish-wide discernment events, and then draft the strategic plan

  3. Why Kaleidoscope Institute (KI)? Why now?

    1. Why KI? St. Matthew’s has hired consultants from the Kaleidoscope Institute ( to shepherd us through this Strategic Planning Process. KI trainers have years of experience helping multicultural churches develop mission-driven, sustainable ministries. KI stands out among Episcopal Church leadership programs because they specialize in intercultural competency and antiracism. KI has a proven track record of honoring the values and traditions of the churches they work with.

      1. Holy Currencies Model: Six “currencies” must flow for a church to be mission-driven and sustainable — Time & Place, Gracious Leadership, Relationship, Truth, Wellness, and Money

    2. Why now? St. Matthew’s Church is at a turning point in its history. This is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go. In the last few years, our community has undergone seismic changes:

      1. COVID-19 pandemic and temporary church closure

      2. Technology changes in worship

      3. Split community (in-person and online)

      4. Addition of Deacon Davis to clergy leadership

      5. Changing neighborhood around the church

  4. How Do I Get Involved?

    1. Three Parish-wide Discernment Events: Every member of St. Matthew’s will be invited to attend and offer feedback at these events. in the Strategic Planning Process.

    2. Strategic Planning Team: The Vestry and Rector are now recruiting 4-6 parishioners to join the strategic planning team. They will work with the Rector and KI consultant(s) to plan for and develop the strategic plan.

  5. Q&A

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