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Church Logo Suggestions?

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church is in the middle of a process of discerning our congregation's mission. Our goal here is to clarify our sense of God's call on this community in this time and place. This will help the parish leadership decide between the various ministry opportunities that come our way, and help the whole community rally around the activities that are important to us and our God-given identity. Our hope is that, by the grace of God, the mission statement will allow us to narrow our focus onto the things that we can do well.

This summer, we held a series of parish meetings where we gathered feedback and data on our strengths, hopes, and concerns about our church. The Vestry and I learned a lot about the things that excite our people, and found a few common themes arise to the top.

After this study and discernment, the Vestry proposes the following Mission Statement:

"Life Around the Table: Worship, Fellowship, and Service"

And the following Key Bible Verse:

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

- Acts 2:42

After some further feedback from the Adult Sunday School class this week, we decided to crowdsource for suggestions on a logo to accompany the Mission Statement and/or Key Bible Verse. Below are some of the draft designs we are working with.

We invite any and all submissions of images and logos to express this theme at St. Matthew's. Please discuss in the Facebook comments and send your images to by August 31, 2017, for consideration by the parish and Vestry.

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