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Sunday Services Canceled (10/09/16)

Dearly Beloved of St. Matthew's, Savannah,

Based on the damage and flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew:

  • Sunday Services are canceled on October 9

  • Parish office closed until at least Tuesday, 10/11/16

  • Fr. Arboleda has evacuated to be with family in North Carolina. He may be reached by email or cell phone (see Sunday bulletins or ask a Vestry member).

  • If you know parishioners who do not have email capability, please call them with this information.

Please heed your civil authorities regarding this storm. It is a serious threat to the east coast of the United States. Do not try to return until the official all clear is announced.

I encourage you to go to an Episcopal or Lutheran (ELCA) church tomorrow in the town to which you have evacuated, if it is safe to go outdoors. I will post another blog early Sunday morning with my brief homily on the readings and instructions for praying Morning Prayer, on your own if you cannot make it to worship.

Stay safe and remember to pray.

Peace of Christ,

Fr. Arboleda

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